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Surf boards
ESF Vectornet
“Special Offer – Big black diamond Vector net
XP226 25” wide, now £3.00 a yard or
€4.20 a metre – Yes a whole metre,
not half a metre as offered by suppliers in France!”

ESF stands for Engineered Specialty Fabrics the Lightest Axial Reinforcement Fabric XP is Cross Ply, C is Carbon, Each Style Number is Non Specific

Vector Net is the latest surf cloth technology from the USA. The diagonal crossed Technora™ fibre allows for flex but adds strength, the fibres work like multiple springs and tension cables. This technology allows for flex to occur in the tail, rail, or any other part of the board you want to use it on.

Information Sheets
XP226 Black Diamond - XP227 Double Black Diamond Clear Gif Euro Price List
XP234 INNEGRA XXX Fabric Slick Smooth Tough GBP Price List
XP138 Raceboard Specific 2 Sided Triaxial
XPC202 Tough and Strong
XP210 3k carbon hexagonal tri axial
XP227 - Cable Springs