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Welcome to the SurfConnexion website. We have been supplying surf cloth to the UK & Ireland surf shaping industry for fifteen years. We are master distributors for Aerialite & Porcher surf cloths, Super Sap green Epoxy Resin & Marko EPS foam blanks. We also supply Vectornet, RAILZ rail tapes, S glass and specialist fabrics for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) manufacture.

For Surf cloth supplies contact: SurfConnexion Tel 0117 909 8257
and 07791019632 or email Dave Cooley

Standard Surf Cloths. Suitable for use with polyester or epoxy – Available Ex Stock Bristol & Cornwall. Full Roll (100mtre aprox.)
Porcher Industries transparent aerialite
4 oz 0S125 Narrow 27” (685mm) transparent 1522 - 27"/685mm 4oz narrow
4 oz 0S125 Wide 30” (762mm) transparent 1522 - 30"/762mm 4oz wide
6 oz 3910 Narrow 27” (685mm) transparent 7533 - 30½"/762mm 6oz wide
6 oz 3910 Wide 31.5” (800mm) transparent 6522 - 27"/685mm 4oz S narrow
Volan 8oz (Retro Look) 3063/1000 transparent 6522 - 30"/762mm 4oz S wide
SUP 4oz Super Wide 48.4” 3228/1230
SUP 6oz Super Wide 50" 3910/1270
transparent 6333 - 30"/762mm 6oz S wide
Please enquire for current prices
0117 909 8257 and
transparent Aerialite is the premier brand surf cloth in the USA & as the Porcher Industries UK distributor this is now available from Connexion – If you would like to be shaping with the brightest, whitest surf cloth in the world - please contact us for prices - 0117 909 8257 and 07791019632
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Aerialite's website
Vectornet transparent ESF logo
Vector Net is the latest surf cloth technology from the USA.
The diagonal crossed Technora™ fibre allows for flex but adds strength,
the fibres work like multiple springs and tension cables.
This technology allows for flex to occur in the tail, rail,V or any other part of the board you want to use it on.>
supersap logo
Super Sap is a new generation of thermoset epoxy. Covering a wide range of applications, from high performance composites to green building materials, Super Sap is the answer!
By employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful by-products, Super Sap reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from production by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies. Replacing petroleum based carbon with renewable plant-based carbon. The raw materials going into Super Sap are co-products or waste products of other industrially processes.
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marko picture marko picture
Marko Foam surfboard blanks are manufactured in the USA from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) & are the best quality EPS blanks you will ever find.
These pressure moulded EPS blanks have superior fusion, are incredibly lightweight, and are much stronger than polyurethane blanks, whilst maintaining flex. They are now in stock in Bristol as well as available for local collection at in Cornwall at Beachbeat Surf ( & Roger Cooper Surfboards ( in South Wales. Standard density is 1.9 PCF(lb/ft3) 30.44 kg/m3. But we also have 2.3 PCF in stock. EPS is a very green material & 100% recyclable. Marko Website.
Both Marko & Supersap are part of Sustainablesurfs ( ecoboard project, shapers who use approved products in board manufacture qualify to carry the ECOBOARD logo on their boards – click here for more details Ecoboard

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